The Student Parenting Program (SPP) helps youth achieve this mission by providing education, counseling, advocacy, support services, and coordination of referrals to over 65 community agencies primarily through individual case management services. The Program began with federal, state and local school district funding in 1988. Today, funding is provided by the PA Departments of Education and Human Services with the Erie School District providing match funding. Other competitive grants and local donations also provide support for the program. The goals of the Program are to help students have healthy babies who are well cared for and to help students stay in school and graduate with a plan for employment and/or training after high school. Case Managers work with students to remove obstacles to these goals and aid students in becoming self-sustaining adults.




Schools Served
• Erie High School

• Northwest PA Collegiate Academy
• Perseus House Charter School of Excellence
• East Middle School

• Strong Vincent Middle School
• Wilson Middle School
• Others (Students must reside in City of Erie):
    o ESD Schools, As Needed
    o Private/Charter Schools
    o Alternative Education/GED Programs
    o Cyber Schools

​Program Services
• Case Management (male and female)
• Health Care/Nutrition Education and Monitoring
• Prenatal Education and Monitoring
• Parenting/Child Development Education
​• Individual/Group Counseling
• Vocational/Career Counseling
• Assistance in Accessing Child Care & Transportation
• Coordination & Referral of Community Services
• Student Assessment and Individualized Plan
• Individual and Group Support Services
• Relevant Information on Domestic Violence
• Budgeting and Family Planning Education
• Retention Services
• Job Readiness Skills/Job Search
• Transition Services

The mission of the Student Parenting Program is to assist pregnant/expectant and parenting students (male and female) with their dual role as student and parent so babies are born healthy, develop appropriately, and student parents can realize their potential.​


Emerson-Gridley School

816 Park Avenue North

Erie, PA  16502 

(814) 874-6461



If so, we want to hear from you! Click here to send us an email. We want to hear from you on how to be a successful young parent and to give your advice to students currently in the Program.  

Funding for the Student Parenting Program is provided by the PA Departments of Education & Human Services,
Erie's Public Schools, and the community at large.