There are several ways to get involved with the Student Parenting Program.  Whether you are a student, a volunteer, or can help in a partnering capacity, we want to thank you for pledging your time and energy to our program!  Your support not only reaches students, it extends deeply into helping our community!


The Student Parenting Program is open to any male or female expecting or parenting student residing in the City of Erie. Participation includes meeting with a Case Manager to identify and work towards your personal, academic, and career goals. Students also meet for educational programs relating to pregnancy, parenting, and health. The Program offers incentives for outstanding participation and provides assistance to accessing several community agencies and support programs that help young parents and families. Click here for more information, or call the Program Office at (814) 874-6461.


The Student Parenting Program collaborates with several community agencies, partners, and educators to enhance the services provided for participants. We look for professionals who can conduct presentations, counsel young parents and parents-to-be, and provide referrals between programs.  If you would like to be involved with the Program, please call us at (814) 874-6461.


The Student Parenting Program is a support program for not only students, but also for families. Adjusting to your son or daughter having a child of their own can be challenging. The Student Parenting Program offers counseling and assistance with other community programs that prepare the entire family for the challenges of assisting expecting youth and young parents. For more information or assistance, please call the Program Office at (814) 874-6461.


The Student Parenting Program needs the support of the community at large to help program participants reach their goals, have healthy babies, and become self sustaining parents. If you would like to learn about the many ways you can support our young parents with your time, talents, or monetary gift, please visit the DONATE page or call us at (814) 874-6461.


The Student Parenting Program assists graduates for up to 4 months after receiving a diploma or GED. This helps to ensure students stay on their path of further education or employment training after leaving school. The Student Parenting Program also likes to connect current participants with program alumni to be mentors, program speakers, or to just connect with students who are experiencing similiar life paths. If you are a program alum and would like to re-connect with the Student Parenrting Program, please contact us at (814) 874-6461 or email Laura -


The Student Parenting Program looks for volunteers who can lend a hand with mentoring, organizing or helping with events, babysitting, and fundraising.  We consider the gift of your time the most valuable resource of the program! If you would like to learn more about helping in the program, please contact us with your interest and enthusiasm at 874-6461.


Emerson-Gridley School

816 Park Avenue North

Erie, PA  16502 

(814) 874-6461



If so, we want to hear from you! Click here to send us an email. We want to hear from you on how to be a successful young parent and to give your advice to students currently in the Program.  

Funding for the Student Parenting Program is provided by the PA Departments of Education & Human Services,
Erie's Public Schools, and the community at large.