"I started the program three years ago.  I didn't know what it meant to be a parent but my case manager helped me learn things that helped me understand how to take care of me and my baby."

"I was kicked out of my house when my mom found out I was pregnant.  The program staff helped me find emergency shelter then a place for me to live.  My son is 6 months old now and I can take care of him on my own because the staff taught me how to be a good parent."

"I didn't think I could do much since I was the dad and wasn't together with my son's mother anymore.  The program helped me learn co-parenting skills to make the relationship I had with my baby's mother easier.  I also learned tips on how to be a good dad."

"I appreciated all the help from my case manager.  She was there to just listen when I needed her to.  I hope that I become a good mom like her."

"I like the program because I can get incentives like gift cards that help me pay for baby diapers and formula."


"My case manager never judged me for the things that I didn't do or for the not so good things that I did do.  She helped me out with school and through a lot of tough times.  I am glad I had someone to be real with."

"I love being in the program because there is always something new to learn with a growing baby.  My case manager also helped me find a job and helped me with my uniforms and find a good daycare."

Whether you are expecting or are already a parent, you can join the Student Parenting Program. The Student Parenting Program will help you navigate pregnancy and parenthood and prepare you for the happy times and challenging times that lie ahead. Our goal is to help you develop skills so that you are responsible, competent, and a positive parent all the while helping you identify and work towards your career and education goals.  

If you would like more information, or know of any student who could benefit from this program, please have them contact the Student Parenting Program Office at (814) 874-6461, or talk to your school nurse. We always keep your information confidential and, if needed, can help prepare you to talk with your family about your pregnancy.


If you decide to join the Program, you will work with a Case Manager at your school. He or she will coordinate services specifically for what you need. Programming can be are provided individually, or in group settings either at your school or a community based location. Case Managers also conduct home visits to further assist you. The following are services that are typically provided during your program participation:

  • Prenatal Health

  • Postnatal Health

  • Baby Basics / Developmental Milestones

  • Strategies to Deter Subsequent Pregnancies

  • Academic and Personal Counseling

  • Monitoring of Needs with Support Services

  • Child Care Plans

  • Paternity Establishment and Custody Plans

  • Transportation

  • Parenting Skills

  • Social Service Agency Referral

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Career Exploration and Preparation

  • Health and Wellness for Student and Child

Again, the Student Parenting Program is open for any male or female expecting or parenting youth residing in the City of Erie. Participants must be under 22 years of age and enrolled in a K-12 education or GED program. Program participation includes meeting with a Case Manager up to four hours per month. Students meet individually and in groups for educational programs relating to pregnancy, parenting, and goal setting. Incentives are offered for outstanding participation and most importantly, the Program provides assistance in accessing several community agencies that help young parents and families. Call for more information at (814) 874-6461.


Emerson-Gridley School

816 Park Avenue North

Erie, PA  16502 

(814) 874-6461



If so, we want to hear from you! Click here to send us an email. We want to hear from you on how to be a successful young parent and to give your advice to students currently in the Program.  

Funding for the Student Parenting Program is provided by the PA Departments of Education & Human Services,
Erie's Public Schools, and the community at large.